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Let’s clear the air. We hate pickles! So where on Earth does our name come from? One of our founders has had the nickname Pickle since birth, and it stuck. Even now, in her 20s, she is called Pickle by her family – hence Pickle Digital!

We are based in the East Midlands, UK. But we work with people from all over the UK & sometimes even beyond! The great thing about our job is that we don’t need to physically meet our clients to be able to do our work. We meet on zoom, facetime, and use emails & whatsapp to communicate.

In a nutshell: Digital Solutions & Website Design & Development. 


We offer WordPress Websites that are designed with your brand and business in mind. All of our websites are fully responsive for mobile.

We specialise in implementing advanced functionality into your website, whether that’s a custom directory, a membership website or even API integration. We love to take on new challenges and are open to exploring pretty much anything! 

Take a more in-depth look at what we do.

You can sit back and be stress free with our continued support & management plan – one monthly fee for hosting, an SSL certificate, all plugin licences, security updates, weekly backups, bug fixes and small copy changes. 

To keep it short and sweet, here are the main things you need to decide if you want a website:

  • Domain Name: you need to decide on a domain name for your website. For example, ours is We suggest heading here to find out if the name you want is available, and how much it will cost. 
  • Hosting Costs: To actually have your website on the internet, you have to pay a monthly hosting fee. This fee can vary depending on what company you use, how big your website is and how fast you need it to be. A small static site with a few pages and a contact form will not need as many resources as a fully fledged membership website, with dynamic funcionalities, so it will most likely cost less in hosting fees. With our projects, hosting is included in your ongoing maintenance plan.
  • SSL Certificate: This is what makes your website safe and secure. It also gives you https:// instead of http://. You will notice that sites without the ‘s’ will give you a warning that the site is not secure. As part of our hosting and maintenance package you will receive a SSL Certificate for your website, which we will issue for you before we launch!

First we will meet over zoom or chat via email/WhatsApp to get a feel for what you are after, i.e., the look and feel you are envisioning for your site and the functionality you require.

Then we will email you our proposal document which will outline everything from timescales to costs. We can also provide support if you need to purchase your domain name.

Once the project is underway we will work together to create a design that you are happy with and once you are satisfied, we will start creating your website. We will have regular online catchups to keep up to date and we will also use various online tools to work collaboratively.

Once you are happy with the final site, we will go live. We provide 7 days of free support following the deployment of the site, and after that we will start our monthly maintenance plan, which provides you with security updates, bug fixes, backups, small copy changes, plugin licences, hosting and an SSL certificate.

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