Doctore On Track Training Services provides quality training to the Rail and Construction Industries. Their website was in need of a redesign, as their company had changed a lot since it was first made. They also wanted to make it simpler to navigate. We totally redesigned the website, giving it a modern new look. We also swapped their disused WooCommerce store for a custom Course Directory, as their courses couldn't be bought online anymore. The DOTTS website also makes use of contact forms, which can dynamically display information for the relevant course.

The DOTTS team had also started the process of moving their front end admin to a TMS (Training Management System), where they could set up and manage their courses, schedules and delegates all in one place. We created a custom API integration to feed information on courses and schedules from their TMS to their website, so that available dates could be displayed on the website without more admin work needed.


API Integration

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