Doula Near Me

Doula Near Me is a Doula Directory and Membership Website. It offers parents the chance to find and connect with potential doulas. It offers a Directory Listing, Business Support, and more for Doulas. The founders of Doula Near Me had invested in their own plugins before we started development, so they were keen on using the tools they already had for this complex site.

They had been told by several others that this would not be possible without additional paid plugins. We like a good challenge and we wanted to prove the others wrong! So, using a combination of the plugins they already had, along with some free plugins and our own custom code, we set out to create exactly what they wanted.

Doula Near Me is a fully functioning membership website, which offers Doulas the opportunity to sign up, giving them access to bookable exclusive events, an extensive resource library, and their very own listing on the Doula Near Me Directory. The website also allows parents to sign up for free and filter through the Doula Directory. Parents can then add doulas to their favourites dashboard, and can then send an enquiry to all their favourite doulas simultaneously, saving them time. Doula Near Me is the First UK Doula Directory to offer this feature!


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